ORI House

ORI House comes from functional basic needs that expand further into a stop-over house.

We tried to take thread from user habit and taste, combine it with functional  stopover house and infused it with modern tropical vibes.

Bold in expression, but keep it simple.

Architect : AER Design Studio

Contractor : FX Heru


Mood House

What is a backyard garden ?

Is it always have to be at the back of the house ? …. why ?

In this project, we tried to bring our garden closer to us. By putting them at the side yard of the house. In that case, every building’s wall will receive equal amount of natural light, a nice air flow at every interior space in the house.

By having side garden, we also received natural daylight, that blends into our interior. Light that comes in, creates interior poetry… it creates shadow strikes as passing by, moving as the sun goes. Creating sense of time for the dweller inside.