Taman Doa Kepanjen

The longing to pray and devote to the Virgin Mary is a spiritual journey that is trying to be accommodated in this design.

The design begins with a functional solution to the existing condition. Drainage & the direction of the water is dissolved by a combination of plate and coral spread on the edge of the room. In addition, the reuse of Sukabumi stone is intended to unite a new design, against the condition of the old wall.

For colleagues who want to visit it, this prayer garden is located at Jalan Kepanjen no.9, Surabaya – East Java. (back side of the CM Mission Gallery museum)

Design : Melissa Siaoman

Field Team : Adi Teguh, Erick Kristianto


Photo by : Antonius Widjaja

Profincial CM Gallery

Congregatio Missionis or CM is one of the early Mission in Indonesia. They has histories that also evolved along with Indonesia.

This gallery represent a “time-machine” which will bring us to certain period of time. We designed each period of time in specific “chamber” that will flow continouusly according years.

This Gallery was created by Romo FX. Eko Armada Riyanto, CM & Romo Ignatius Suparno, CM in 2014, so we and the next future generation still can have relationship with our past.

If you want to visit, you can check it here.

Also participate in this gallery creation :
Mr. FX Heru as contractor
Mr. Sugiono as Interior Contractor
and Mr. Erwin as Designer


Yello Hotel

Located on Jemursari Street, southern part of Surabaya. Yello Hotel offer an oasis of Young Spirit to citizen of Surabaya. Another collaboration between Ricky Go & AER Design Studio.

Architect : Ricky Go Architect & AER Design Studio

Structure : Benyamin Gideon & Associates

Contractor : TATA 

Construction Management  : MKU