Wien House

Another facelift from original house that already exist.

We were challenged about how to introduce a somewhat new design and mood from the original that already exist, while also preserving the original structure.

Through disscussion, we create an “infill” design than can “slide-into” the original concrete frame. We adjust this “infill structure and form” as a balcony in the center of existing structure, and fill the rest with lower design tone to emphasize the infill structure

Architecture : AER Design Studio

Interior : Tata Griya Interior

Contractor : MPI



A “3 sided with 2 corner” site.

This residential project brings us closer to our feminim side. We tried to deliver a eclectic mix between architecture geometric play with interior mood, to achieve bold expression, but still have details touch in every corner of the house.

We set sunken living room in the heart of the house, surround it with octagonal shapes, and push it all the way to exterior boundary, to create variety of interior space form.

Architecture : AER DesignStudio

Structure Design : Hans
Contractor : Andrew



A house with embedded working office.

We try to create an explorative version of this so called “traditional housing form”.

In our childhood we often describe house as a box figure with triangle roof on top. When we grow up, and design house for ourselves, we’re don’t look the box-triangle the same way as we used to.

in this project, we tried to introduce the explorative version of “Box-Triangle” house, combined with the functionality and design needs.

Architecture : AER Design Studio

Structure : Ernest A

Contactor : Andrew L



In this renovation project, we tried to amplify the original tropical house. We infused existing tropicality with broader wide overhang roof, which also act as an iconic form for this lovely house.

In the design process we blends with interior theme which create a semi eclectic vibes all around the houses.

Sometimes we can feel the bold geometric form, combined with natural tropical mood, while they blends and get along with oriental asian vibes.

Architecture : AER Design Studio

Interior : Valvonne Interior

Lighting : MAW Lighting

Contractor : MPI


ORI House

ORI House comes from functional basic needs that expand further into a stop-over house.

We tried to take thread from user habit and taste, combine it with functional  stopover house and infused it with modern tropical vibes.

Bold in expression, but keep it simple.

Architect : AER Design Studio

Contractor : FX Heru


BB House

A birth of another house from original house

A renovation project somehow always challenging. It’s about how we deliver our best idea and solution with major boundaries that exist within the existing house.

In the design process, we stroke a bold geometric form in facade, to express the owner spirit & characteristic. The facelift process comes from delicated and tidy up job examining & evolving  existing structure itu the one that we needed.

Architect : AER Design Studio

Contractor : MPI



NG House

A House is always personal. Every space crafted in special way for fullfilling needs and functions. This house wants to stiching dreams from a multigeneration family.

This house threading different needs in each floor, while we have limited site size to perform. So, we explore another way to make space feel “bigger”.
We infused dining room in layour as “space” (not form), with no actual wall boundary… and stretched it all the way to ceiling and backyard void. It creates illusion of spaces, trancends from one space to another space.


Mood House

What is a backyard garden ?

Is it always have to be at the back of the house ? …. why ?

In this project, we tried to bring our garden closer to us. By putting them at the side yard of the house. In that case, every building’s wall will receive equal amount of natural light, a nice air flow at every interior space in the house.

By having side garden, we also received natural daylight, that blends into our interior. Light that comes in, creates interior poetry… it creates shadow strikes as passing by, moving as the sun goes. Creating sense of time for the dweller inside.